By Fred Cutler, Political Science, UBC Vancouver

Notion is an amazing tool for organization and productivity. Business teams use it for project management, team wikis, and so on. Notion is free for teachers and students. But it’s free for them to use separately.

Instead, I needed a tool for student teams to collaborate on group projects; that is, for student-to-student interaction and student-to-teacher-to-student consultation and coaching.

Here’s my story on why I needed Notion and how my class ran with it. (Notice I didn’t say “how I ran my class”.)

TL;DR: Notion is far and away the best tool for…

All over the world, there are shortages of skilled tradespeople. Pipe- and gas-fitters, carpenters, boilermakers, electricians, masons, glaziers, and welders build the environments we all live in. Learning trades usually takes the form of some campus experience, mostly at community and trades colleges, plus an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a very old practice, very much alive around the world and now seeing a revival in the US.

Unfortunately, trades education isn’t getting the attention it deserves from makers of educational technology. Edtech is focused on old-fashioned content delivery and on student management. …

At a recent Edtech event in London, startups were asked where they sit on a continuum from innovation to revenue. Most resisted the idea that revenue and innovation were at odds. They seemed to be thinking mostly about technological innovation. And it’s true that in the long-run, tech innovation and revenue in edtech go hand in hand. But what about pedagogical innovation? Or, at least, making Edtech products that are in keeping with, and keep up with, modern pedagogy.

This is where there IS a painful innovation-revenue trade-off. It’s pretty clear that most Edtech is on the revenue side, and…

Fred Cutler

Started as a research Political Scientist (elections, public opinion, surveys, stats) - then Learning Tech leader - Now entrepreneur, founder, CEO,

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